Design Guidelines

  • An attempt to comply with the website accessibility standards and how disabled individuals accesses information.

  • A standardized familiar font family is used throughout the website for ease of use, legibility and to achieve the best possible reading experience.

  • The architecture of information displayed on our website is organized and structured to avoid clutter, placement of content according to importance and with consistency throughout the website, and presented in a manner users will find useful, easy to use and accessible.

  • We have attempted to anticipate what users may need to do, accomplish and access, and to ensure the website's interface is engaging, has the necessary tools, is aesthetically pleasing, provides the systems and interactive elements to facilitate those actions.

  • We have implemented real text in the design and navigational elements throughout the website to decrease the time required to load a site page, provide a faster user experience, and to provide site users greater usability and control.

  • In some cases graphic images have been utilized to represent links within the site. When appropriate a graphic image provided as a link has alternative text attributes applied to the graphic image so as to convey a description of the graphic image in human readable text equivalent for non-text elements.

  • Information communicated on the website is not exclusively conveyed in color, however color may be used on the website in the organization of information. In an attempt to comply with web accessibility standards, we have strived to ensure a stark contrast exist between foreground and background colors, and to provide alternative text attributes for all links that may or may not contain color.

  • To provide a search engine that can search all text content areas throughout the entire website, and provide "Keyword" hints within the search engine to improve the site user's experience and speed of use.

Additional Accessibility Tools and Notes:

  • Most popular web browsers provide built-in accessibility tools. For more information or to download a new web browser, please visit any of the links provide below:

  • This site may contain links to PDF documents which require "Adobe Acrobat" to view read and print. "Adobe Acrobat" is an application that runs on your computer and is free to download from the Adobe website. Visit to download "Adobe Acrobat".  Additional Adobe information, tools and resources can be found at "Adobe Accessibility".

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